At Advanced Honing & Supply Inc., we offer honing supplies that fit the most common of honing machines for both the industrial and automotive markets.

With over 25 years of experience in the bore sizing industry we understand the needs of our customers. We are your alternative source for quality products and savings. Cut your current cost from 25% to 50%. At Advanced Honing & Supply we carry a large and diverse parts inventory in the following areas:

 Conventional Abrasives (Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide)
  New H50 and H70 style stone sets. Conventional abrasive or CBN/Diamond.
  Superabrasives (Diamond and CBN/Borazon)
  Tooling (Mandrels and Adapters)
  Diamond Plated and Replated Tools
  Honing Oils
  Machine Repair Parts (Sunnen Machines)
  Large Industrial Hone Heads and Drive Shafts 


At Advanced Honing & Supply Inc., we both Purchase/Sell used and unused Sunnen surplus, as well as offer new Sunnen style tooling.

We also offer Lab job services and used machinery, set up, turnkey, ready to go. As well as free technical support.

We are not a Sunnen Distributor